Moody Home


Moody candles and home accessories were founded while looking to find a way  to bring together the four of their greatest passions: elegance, aesthetics, health and naturalness. First, they combined natural healthy soy waxes with natural essences and combined them with the smooth texture of glass. Expanding their collections with marble, then tiles , Moody Brand recently introduced their new collections of gold-plated napkin holders to you fashion lovers. Its formulas are uniquely designed to spread its scent in the best way and contain at least 10% of fragrence. Our scented candles last longer, do not leave smoke and melt regularly without any crater visible. The soy wax mixture used in our candles is from 100% natural sources. Our candle is a renewable plant-based wax. It does not contain paraffin, is biodegradable and is a renewable and sustainable resource.