Begüm and Iris, the two graduates of a Visual Arts School in Istanbul, united to create Monapetra. Their aim was to combine the sense of beauty and the concept of evolution with the power of woman. Both having been grown up in the ancient city of Izmir and now living in the city of Istanbul which is called the cradle of civilizations, they were strongly affected and motivated by the past.
Emphasizing the fact that strong bodies rise only on strong roots, Begüm and Iris focused on roots. It is the roots which inherit the abundance of earth and the wealth of land. This is why they ascended Monapetra on the strong roots of ancient civilizations. This is why Monapetra is mighty.
Monapetra interpretates what lays hidden in the earth. Monapetra offers you a tool for time travel. Monapetra is your means to carry the power. Explore your inherent wealth through Monapetra.