Mamakool Design

uniquely designed fine jewelry

Designer Pelin Ergunalp’s mom was the coolest person she has ever known. People used to call her “cool mama”. She was crazy about jewelry, design, and stones. Since Pelin Ergunalp was very little, they used to go to Kapali Carsi (Covered Bazaar Istanbul) all the time. After the loss of her mom at a very young age, she started to dive into all these materials they have collected together. They had such memories..
Since 2018, Pelin Ergunalp offers unique, handmade, exaggerated and modern art-inspired designs and supports cratsmanship and slow consumption by offering small amounts of hand-made high-quality jewelry under the name of Mamakool Design which is inspired by her mom.
The brand also spotted on 2019 Mercedes Benz Istanbul Fashion Week in Summer-Spring'19 and Fall-Winter'19 Fashion Shows.