Fifty Pieces

fifty pieces was founded with the aim of creating timeless pieces that can be worn for years, with a minimalist and environmentally friendly approach. Resisting fast and excessive consumption, it aimed for a high quality and long-lasting production. It combined must-have basics with special designs. Everything started with fifty pieces, and actually fifty pieces were enough for every wardrobe.

In our opinion, the fascinating part of the word 'fifty' is that everyone can find a piece of it in theirselves. It is the number that symbolizes life itsself. Nothing in life is one hundred percent, but 'fifty'; is the mid-way, enough and perfect as it is. Fifty in some kind, isn't whole, so it never stops exploring and learning. It if free, adventurous and curious. In numerology, ""fifty"" refers to the angel number. It is the fusion between body and soul, mind and spirit.