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We are two sisters, Burcu and Müge, who love each other as much as we love enjoying life. Via founding Selig, we wanted to give life to our deep-rooted ambition and share our joy in life with you through it. We are not designers, but we are art and design lovers and do believe in the positive impact of art on each of us. So as Selig, for each year’s collection, we will be working with different designers, who will be leveraging their way of expressing our dreams on limited edition Selig pieces. As Selig, we are aiming to remind you that happiness is a state of mind and it is so close to you all the time, such as your Selig piece, which will with you all year long. We truly believe that, Selig pieces, all coming in vivid colors and designs, do have a magical power, which will enhance your look and remind you how beautiful you are, embrace you like a warm hug and remind you that you’re loved and simply show you that, there are many reasons for you to be happy. Wishing you happiness from the first moment you take your Selig in your hand until each and every moment you have it on or around you.

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