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The Babylish
The Babylish

Spending time with children has always been an enjoyable and instructive journey for me. It's always been a pleasure that they invited me to their world full of joy and hope. Over time, diversifying children's living spaces, the toys they play with, their furniture, and the figures they like to look at, has become an indispensable passion for me. The Babylish was born as a result of this desire to share this passion. Over time, our team grew and nurtured with my friends who wanted to be a partner in this colorful adventure... We are raising this baby not only as me but as The Babylish team... Hoping to have more space in your and your children's dreams.. Dear children, Your toy will be completely unique. You ask why? You will find an unpainted piece in each of our sets; because while we were producing each toy and accessory, we left a small space. We aimed to make our designs perfect by decorating this space with children's wonderful imaginations, bright smiles and fresh hand skills. For this reason, the secret recipe of our toys and accessories will always be with you children. This makes you the real designers. You, children, may see the object, which adults see as a wooden tree, with a different eye and you can imagine them like planets, rockets and animals. We aim for you to have a great time. You may build bigger games by combining each set you find in The Babylish with each other. You may even use each object as accessories that will add joy to different corners of your room. We have taken great care to ensure that the materials used in the designs are sustainable and suitable for your health, compatible with and respectful to nature. Now it's your turn to enrich them... Our little designers, it's a pleasure to meet you!

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