Studio Theory
Studio Theory

Candle Theories with Stories... Studio Theory was born with the passion to combine emotions with scents, inspired by the potential of each scent to tell a story. Each candle in our collection is carefully designed to bring you together with a different time, place and feeling. When you light our Studio Theory candles in your space, it's not just a scent; You also invite a story of your choice to your space. That's why we create scents that connect with your experiences, emotions and dreams. Each scent theory tells a different story. Our products are handcrafted using carefully selected materials to ensure a clean, long-lasting burn. All of our products are vegan, and soy wax is used in production. Our glass and box designs are designed to complement your spaces with a sophisticated touch with their minimalist stance. This makes our products not only a source of beautiful scent but also a part of decoration.

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