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Meri Baby
Meri Baby

As Meri Baby, we carry the designs that warm our hearts as we see them in our childhood photographs, with our collections that we have created with 100% cotton fabrics and natural colors. We use completely cotton fabric-rope or wood in our products. We have carefully designed our products, which you can use both daily and on special occasions, for children aged 0-8. Each piece has been meticulously crafted just like it was made by your own mother. While trying to create an authentic, exciting and nostalgic style, we took care to produce valuable pieces that are long-lasting and handcrafted. We prioritize ethical production and sustainability in order to prevent the damage of fast fashion to the environment and the future of our children and to give them the world they deserve. We imagine each piece will be kept by mothers and passed on to grandchildren as a reminder of their precious childhood memories, in the hopes of being passed on to younger siblings in turn, then to grandchildren as a future heirloom. For us, clothes are not just a garment, but also a memory. Meri baby brings back good memories of precious clothes from our childhood. Hand-knitted clothes from our own infancy, by our grandmothers and mothers, and pieces from our great cousins of the 1970s are precious memories for us. The effect of clothing selection on children's sense of self and ability to express themselves is very important. We know that he kept some of his own childhood clothes. Each piece takes you back to the time you wore it. You kept some because they made you feel, and some because your mother carefully made them for you. With Meri baby, you will show your respect to nature and future generations while offering your babies an original, timeless and classic style. Baby clothes, once seen as just a piece of clothing, will become a memory and family legacy with Meri Baby.

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