Derya Hayırlı
Derya Hayırlı

The founder and designer of the brand Derya Hayirli completed her education at Istanbul University with a degree in Russian Philology. As the daughter of a lathe maker, she has always been interested in crafts; she was familiar with the pleasure of designing and producing; spent a lot of time in the workshop and served as an apprentice almost since she could walk. During her school years, she was fascinated by the Grand Bazaar and became interested in jewelry making, and learned the lost wax technique, one of the oldest metal casting techniques (approximately 4000 BC). She continues to pursue this endeavor by both learning and teaching since 2015, using freedom in design using bronze, gold, silver metals and natural stones. Derya Hayirli, who brings a different perspective to the accessory foundations that are mostly based on elegance, thinks that accessories should be nourished with ideas as well as being ornaments. Just as every behavior has a meaning, every design purchased should also have a meaning that will make the person feel special. These ideas should be interesting in a way that will support our existence both in nature and in a way that will enable us to continue enjoying existence in life. In addition to bringing urban people together with fairytale elements; Derya Hayirli includes mystical elements in her collections; It also captures philosophical thoughts from the edge. The texture and imperfections of each product made with the lost wax technique appear in organic forms, so all products are unique from each other. An adventure that begins with imagination completes its story by going through processes such as drawing, modelling, casting, leveling, polishing, coloring and stone setting, each of which requires different mastery, and is displayed on the shelves.

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