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Zoey Design
Zoey Design

Zoey Accessories keep your hands and head free & breathe colour and joy into your everyday life! The core values of zoey’s creative team are quality, reliability and professional service. zoey’s innovative methods have made them one of Turkey’s leading brands for fashionable accessories, like phone necklaces, glasses chains and other items that keep your hands and head free while breathing colour and joy into your everyday life. Zoey design offers various design series and products to appeal to a broad, yet sophisticated audience. Whether you are rather sporty, love a cute fun accessory or prefer elegant and exclusive items, zoey has got something for you! You can also customize some of the products according to your taste and lifestyle to make it as unique as you are. Zoey means life and we’re here to breathe some colour & joy into yours. Embrace life with a smile & both hands.


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