Veryself Brand
Veryself Brand

We love the different women among us. We are on a journey of self-discovery with you. We discover you with you. When the Sun, the center of attention, meets the Moon, a magnificent balance emerges. Just like the moment our souls meet our selves... In balance, staying in the moment, discovering and embracing the woman inside, with all her aspects, with compassion... It invites you to stay in the moment with its confident and Light-hearted design approach. We focus on high workmanship, material quality and sustainability in all production processes of our brand, which is fed by the female workforce and thus gives life to women. With bold colors, luxurious fabrics and striking details, we produce effortless, complete products that you can use from day to night without sacrificing being feminine. With our gratitude and respect for nature; We prioritize environmentally friendly fabrics. We produce only as much as we need and work with precision for minimum waste.


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