Can you take the sea with you? How about the light breeze of the wind, the ambition for sailing, the joy of settling on an adventure? My name is Duygu Coşkuner. As I have spent the majority of my life on sea considering I started sailing at the age of 10; these were the questions that I would repeatedly ask myself every time I set foot on land. Therefore, my new brand, Up&High arose from the idea of wanting to have the chance of experiencing the freedom I did in sea, on land; and share that feeling with everyone. The fabrics which help the boats float among the push of the wind are recycled, more so upcycled, by Up&High’s talented designers to take on a new shape, a new function. Having been designed to serve everyone's purposes and needs, our bags are also waterproof, functional and resistant; making them efficient thus irresistible for everyday use. Also, these fabrics are picked specifically from boats that have their name signed under various accomplishments. The privilege and endless joy of the deep sea can now be right under your hand with elegantly designed Up&High products that can match every personality including yours.