Turan Öztopal Architects + Design Studio

Hello, I am Turan Öztopal. After graduating from the department of architecture in Turkey, I decided to get new experiences with a different design area. As a result, I went to Italy in 2017 and graduated from Politecnico di Milano University Lighting Design + LED Technologies Master Program in 2019. I had the opportunity to work with important Italian designers both at Politecnico and at my internship firm Migliore + Servetto Architects. Milan is truly an inexhaustible resource in terms of art and design and I think I use this resource well. It was a different and beautiful feeling to see and experience my idols, designers, artists and their works live. Thanks to these experiences in Italy, I can say that my perspective on life has changed.
After my experiences there, I wanted people to see and experience the products or projects I designed, by combining my understanding of design with these experiences without wasting too much time. Thus, I founded TuranOztopal Architects + Design Studio, which carries my name, in May 2019. I have started to realize my own designs right now and I am very happy about it.
Our studio focus on architectural, lighting, interior and product design with our experience in Milano…
Most important element of architectural design is light and it gives soul to space… We believe that the design should be conceived as a dialogue between people and space/product. With our experience in Italy, we have seen that design can change the spirit of space which gives you a good quality of life and also it gives you inspiration. So we always make an effort to achieve this idea to our clients and make them happy in this life.
We must see the beauties around us every day to make ourselves and other people happy, it can be nature, it can be a design or a spiritual phenomenon. After seeing it, we have to show them to some other people (together with my product designs and projects for me). Regardless of the subject, I try to do things that make people happy and then myself. we all have the right to be happy and to see beauty, and I try to achieve this with my designs. 
I take my inspiration from nature because there is an infinite loop, a change, and an infinite form. But lately we humans don't know the value of it. As a designer, I want to explain the importance of this in my own way, in accordance with my profession. I am at the beginning of this job, but I will do my best to succeed…