The Soap Factory

It is really difficult to reveal a natural product. Natural products mean more effort, greater risk, less profit. The Soap Factory is on the way knowing these challenges. Because we love and care about nature. We are aware of our responsibility for a sustainable world and we remind ourselves of this at every opportunity. With this awareness, we do not conduct experiments on animals in our production. We do not use synthetic chemicals and derivatives that disrupt human health. We avoid using water pollutant materials in recycling. It is possible to protect and improve our health with natural products. In our kitchen, as well as natural products, our selection of personal care products should be in favor of natural products. There is not much difference between taking the chemicals from mouth or or skin pores. Soap Factory Soaps are made from 100% edible oils. Natural oily, handmade soaps have been used as a healing source for thousands of years. Although the soap culture has decreased in a period of time, natural soaps have been on the rise again by recognizing the health damage caused by synthetic additives. There is a tendency for natural soaps for hair and body cleansing all over the world. In our country, handmade natural soaps are used for many purposes ranging from hair loss to eczema, acne to skin lubrication. As the Soap Factory family, we are proud of addressing this need with 20 kinds of soap.