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The M
The M
THE M The healing of nature is hidden within itself. The richness can only be accessed with patience and wisdom. Those who understand nature finds balance in life, counteracts their excesses, realizes their real needs and starts to discover their real values.
The M has been set out as a brand that listens to the word of nature, accepts its guidance and brings together the wisdom of nature blended with science. As a result of approximately 3 years of R&D studies, Dr Muge Ugurlu, founder of The M, whom after her radiology expertise and great knowledge of Homeopathy and Clinical Aromatherapy, has created under her strict medical supervision, a brand of dermocosmetic products with natural ingredients. The M launched its range of natural ingredients with "Immortelle" / "Immortal Flower" In addition to the essential oil of helichrysum italicum, all products in the series contain valuable herbal extracts such as resveratrol obtained from red grape seeds, hyaluronic acid obtained from wheat germ, pomegranate extract arnica, organic aloe vera. The products do not contain preservatives, paraben SLES, dyes, alcohol or perfumes and does not accept cosmetic experiments on animals. Its beautiful fresh fragrance comes from natural floral essences.
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