Sustainable Tote Bag For a Better Life

SUSBAG tote bags are manufactured completely from recycled materials. One bag is made from %95 recycled cotton and %5 recycled polyester (PES).

Cotton is recycled from the cotton fabric wastes collected from textile workshops and polyester (PES) is recycled from plastic bottles.

To make a SUSBAG bag completely sustainable and zero waste, seed labels were preferred.

Separators were placed inside the bag so the user can carry the products separately without the need for plastic bags.


All the materials of this product are recycled.

8680 liters of water were saved and carbon emissions were reduced by 8 kg while producing this bag.

This is equal to the water that an adult will consume for 9 years and  the carbon emission of a car during a 2-hour intercity journey

1 plastic bag is used for only 12 minutes, but it takes almost 1000 years to dissolve in nature.

If you use your Susbag for 1 year when shopping, you can prevent the 700 plastic bags from end up in landfill!