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Studio 900 Design
Studio 900 Design

Vincenzo Savastano is born in Italy in 1983, and has completed Art Education at Firenze l'Istituto d'Arte in the plastic discipline and sculptor.
After his studies, he started to work as creative director in a PR organization in Italy and meanwhile he was working for a very important retail store in Florence. After 3 years of experiences Vincenzo has opened his own Concept Store, a combination of fashion and interior design, where he gave place to very important emergent Italian and european designers. 
Using this place also for organizing photography exhibitions, aperitifs and events, Vincenzo has created a network of people from fashion, design, architecture and photography, in this way he added new inspirations to his never-ending researchs.
While he was continuing to develop his cultural and professional luggage, he decided to invest in Istanbul, a city full of dynamism and potentialities, that he has visited four years ago. 
After his experiences of men’s collection consultancy  in Turkey, Vincenzo gave life with his partner Gokce Nur, to his own project “STUDIO 900 DESIGN” , a creative Studio which embraces design in every aspects. Studio 900 offers services in men’s collection consultancy, exclusive graphic works for fashion sector, interior design collections and realizzation of projects for showrooms, stores, boutique hotels and to the private.


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