Sırça Glass and “Art for Life” SIRÇA was founded by two brothers, Ebru Kafadar and Elif Şakar, in July 2014 in Istanbul. Sırça is the passion to reveal the extraordinary identity of "glass" from a designer's point of view, as in the meaning of the word.... After working in the field of interior architecture for years; Fingerprints of the emotions and experiences concentrated to beautify their living spaces have come to life in Sırça. Different object collections created by designer Ebru Kafadar with an original, simple but adventurous point of view, color compositions and special blowing techniques; In Turkish glass art, most importantly, it finds its place in our living spaces with its functionality. In the Sırça collections produced by valuable glass masters in Beykoz, the value that the two sisters attach to the “art of living” and the phenomenon of “art for life” come into being. Sırça, colors, transparency, all the emotions of the light trilogy; It reflects on vases of different sizes, ashtrays, candle holders and many different objects produced individually. This modern approach to our glass art, known for Çeşmibülbül and Beykoz glass work, takes its place in our lives by bringing a brand new breath.