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Simple Community
Simple Community

Hello! My name is Selay. I have discovered how valuable it is to enjoy life since I started living abroad in different countries especially during my journey in Italy. A total "La Dolce Vita". I fell in love with their cities, language, people and art. Then I got inspired by the Management of Fashion and Design Companies course I’ve taken during my study at Bocconi University, Milan and then completed a Design certificate which led me to adopt the idea of functional design that combines function and visuality. My journey continued with living in Los Angeles. Throughout my entire trips, I’ve seen people laughing, hanging around together, speaking of arts and smiling with happiness.. These had to be a magical secret. Finally I got the reason. What makes us cheer up and enjoy the moment is to feel a self of belonging to a group of people that share the same interests. It is my passion to travel and collect memories. I fulfill myself by hacking the routines and I feel the butterflies in my stomach when I create! Actually when we create, we are all designers. 
Simple Community manufactures handmade, highest quality products by emphasizing the importance of details and functional design and likes to serve to this joyful community of people sharing the common life style. It also creates a journey through backpacks by combining the historical hand woven fabric from Anatolia named Kutnu with a modern touch on its designs.

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