Self Made Ceramics

Born in Istanbul,​ I am the daughter of an immigrant family, who supported their children with the labor of their hands. I grew up in the hands of strong women who have built their own lives with their craft. Every piece of fabric that changed shape in my grandmother’s hand was awe-inspiring. My whole childhood is affected by it. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I wouldn’t be happy even if one day I reached the top of my corporate life after mathematical engineering education. In my search for novelty and happiness, my path crossed with clay. I decided to tell dozens of different, impressive stories in my life with clay. Disappointments, joys, sorrows, my daughter Yaz, my friends… All different lives, different stories. The stories I will tell with clay… I believe in the necessity for women to build themselves, especially in the period we live in. I am very happy to be able to combine my love for design and art with my desire to inspire other women, and to realize this through ceramics.

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