SCHOTT ZWIESEL is the Glass of the Professional®

SCHOTT ZWIESEL is the Glass of the Professional®.
The independently recognised, global market leader for the supply of high quality, Titanium crystal drinking glasses to the hospitality sector. The SCHOTT ZWIESEL brand is consistently favoured by hospitality professionals, leading restauranters, events caterers, sommeliers & mixologists.It is quite probable that you have used a SCHOTT ZWIESEL wine, champagne or bar glass when fine dining, in an hotel bar, perhaps enjoying a prestigious event or participating in a wine appreciation experience.
We call it "Enjoyment By The Glass®". And now you can use our glasses in your own home.
SCHOTT ZWIESEL wine, beer, cocktail & bar glasses are designed at Zwiesel, an historic Spa town in Bavaria, Germany.
We produce fine drinking glasses in durable, Titanium TRITAN® - it's the world's only patented crystal glass. Zwiesel is a Spa town located in The Bavarian National Forest. As you would expect, our 21st Century factory is both eco friendly and sustainable. For example, unlike old-fashioned Crystal, our Titanium Crystal production DOES NOT involve harmful lead. And, we make our own Oxygen fuel, scrub our emissions and clean waste water. Yes, we have factory chimneys, but they vent water vapour not toxins.