Say Peace

Natural, timeless and peaceful pieces created by artisans in İstanbul

Bengü Bozoğlu Tezcan who gives Corporate Communication Consultancy service to many domestic and international brands in largest agencies of Turkey for nearly 2 decades, hit the road with idealist dreams in 2020 which brings Red Light effect in the World.

She founded Say Peace with an aesthetic understanding that blends coziness with style in peace as the name implies and using 100% natural fabric and domestic manufacturing in each piece. The foundation purpose of Say Peace is to create plain but a timeless style that makes people feel happy and light when wearing, with natural fabrics in total harmony with the body.
Say Peace which addresses The Women who are themselves and always want the best for themselves, produces her collections by a constant search of the most natural, at a distance from the imposed standards and surreal body concept.
“Say Peace” brand which is founded with philosophy of producing by respecting The World and all living creatures it hosts in each step from the design to delivery; presents the sustainable fashion concept not for nowadays it is trendy but for the purpose of being in peace and harmony with World that shares all its resources with us unrequıted love.