The Ritual Of Self-Care

Ritual’ın serüveni aslında yıllar öncesinden, çocukluğumla ve yetişme şeklimle başladı. Çoğu insana göre şanslı bir çocukluk geçirdim, bütün çocukluğum bahçemizde ve evimizin arkasındaki koruda geçti. Tek çocuk olduğum için koruluk alandaki ağaçlar ve toprak kardeş The adventure of the Ritual actually started years ago, with my childhood and my growing. I had a lucky childhood for most people, all my childhood spent in our garden and in the grove behind our house. Since I was an only child, the trees and the soil in the woodland became my sibling and dreaming world. It is still my second home where I ran at the first opportunity and said I came. My father gave great importance to a healthy and herbals, he knew the names and benefits of all the herbs and prepared his own potions according to the needs of his body. In fact, our home was like a tiny botanical garden with useful plants and countless flowers that my mother looked after. My curiosity towards nature led me to question the essence of everything. One day, the black smoke from the candle I lit became one of the question marks in my mind, and the answer I found was that what I was breathing was actually oil waste. First, I decided to search for ways to clean up my own area and in this process I encountered many vegetable waxes, but my search continued. Until I learn the story of the beeswax secreted from the their bellies to protect their nests and their young, and here we are. Raw material supply is very important for the continuity of life in the honeycomb, we only supply raw materials at certain times from the place we work with. This ensures the sustainability of honeycomb and life. Basic philosophy of Ritual, which aims to make our spaces more breathable while performing this unique ritual we call life on behalf of it, is a sustainable brand that aims to protect while protecting natural resources.

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