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REM Kombucha
REM Kombucha

Aware of the fact that the most important way to establish a balance in the relationship between body, soul and mind is healthy nutrition from nature; Remziye Doğrusöyler and her daughter Tülin Bozkuş, who devote themselves to improve and continue their life based on the principle of holistic health, established REM Kombucha as a result of experiencing the miraculous benefits of kombucha that has not been missing from their lives since 1990.

With the knowledge that it is the most respectful material to our body and the world; They are not only serving kombuchas in glass bottles, but also performing the whole fermentation process by glass jars in small batches which eliminate the possibility of metal and plastic penetrating your kombucha.

REM Kombucha enriched with seasonal vegetables, fruits and spices without using any unnatural additives, colorants and preservatives.

They do not interfere with fermentation by pasteurization, heat treatment or any additives in order to preserve the vitality and the valuable nutrient content gained from fermentation.

As REM Kombucha, their promise to you on this path that they set out with the intention of healing is to deliver your kombucha in the most natural form, without compromising traditional methods, in order to get the highest benefit.

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