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RAA Istanbul
RAA Istanbul

The founder and creative director of RAA Istanbul, Ecem Kumbasar, comes from a background of Industrial Design with a degree from the prestigious Pratt Institute, New York. With her degree in Industrial Design and ongoing education in Fashion Design, Kumbasar combines function and fashion in each product that she creates.

RAA Istanbul values good design, high quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship. The brand itself is inspired by its motto “Timeless, Placeless and Ageless Designs”, always making sure that all the products created under the brand can be used at all times during a day, at every occasion and throughout a life time.

RAA Istanbul and its designs are inspired by the Egyptian God of Sun “RA” and the everlasting loop of nature. The yellow straps and yellow liners used on our products are also inspired by the Sun and the concepts of “continuity”, “timelessness” and “endlessness”. The three stones appearing on the bags are representative of “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”

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