Hello, my name is Meltem i’m the founder of Pikabu. I am a graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Marmara, the story of Pikabu started with my dream of establishing my own brand after working in the private sector for years and becoming a mother.
Every product I researched and bought for my children was a source of inspiration. I designed fun wearable toys for our children, who have no limits of imagination, in a time when technology takes over every moment. I have created a collection where they can play games and do family activities without being tied to the limited stories and fiction. Every child is special and their story is unique and creative.
I didn’t forget about our little friends, the other children in our family, dogs and cats. My collection also includes fun little outfits for our furry kids. The story of Pikabu is just beginning. I always aim to be on your side and keep our products free of harmful substances in the future collections as well. 

I would like to thank my teammates, friends and family, who have helped me produce and design since the day I decided to start my Pikabu journey.