Ottan Studio

No need to cut trees, we use peels and leaves!

With the vision of creating a sustainable future, Ottan Studio has developed the innovative process of upcycling green waste into fine materials and well-designed products.

Our journey to produce in alignment with nature’s own cycles started with the question: “Which materials can be used that are more sustainable than wood and stone derivatives in product design?” While trying to find an answer to this question, our founder Ayşe Yılmaz, inspired by fallen leaves in a park, came to the realization that for production, we don’t need to extract new raw materials, but we can use abundant organic waste that we’re already creating every single day. Years of hard work on R&D yielded its fruit as we started to design and produce high quality materials and aesthetic products with all kinds of organic waste such as fruit and vegetable peels, fallen leaves and cut grass.

Ottan’s multi-functional, modular designs come to life on principles of quality, longevity and sustainability while engaging the users emotionally, inspiring them to participate in the co-creation process.

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