One Two Sock

We started as a team of designers based in Istanbul, working on client projects. We mostly worked on digital and print, and we were eager to try new things. While we were discussing what it could be, we realized the answer was right in front of our eyes; all we had to do was look down. We all loved colorful socks, but we weren't quite satisfied with what we had. They were either too expensive or too cheap in the sense of quality. We saw quite an advantage on our part: We all lived in Istanbul, some of us have been here for generations. Our hometown was the perfect place to create outstanding designs and manufacture high-quality textile. And that's what we did. We designed awesome socks. Each with meticulous intention, inspired by things that played great roles in our lives, as well as everyday things that sparked joy in our hearts. Some reference the Bauhaus school, some reference our hometown, some remind us of other cities that we loved, some touch fruits and sweets with our unique twists. So started our journey, in April 2018, with a collection of 10 vibrant and fun socks, in 10 matching boxes unique to each model. They are all lovingly designed, and proudly manufactured in Istanbul.