Nustil Nutrition Style
Nustil Nutrition Style

Nustil; It is a leading company in the field of special nutrition in Turkey that has filling the gap between medical products and normal foods since 2009. In addition, it imports the products that fall into all kinds of special nutrition categories that the person needs, collects suppliers and transports them to the consumer through many channels. Special nutrition; apart from normal nutritional functioning, it is the adaptation of consuming the products that one has to apply or preferred to his life as a diet. Special nutrition products are also products such as gluten -free, organic, vegan, diabetic, hypoallergenic, sports food. Nustil also builds the working principle on products addressing this field. To introduce our products to all related doctors, dietitians in Turkey, to distribute the products received through the pharmacy to all pharmaceutical warehouses, to increase the store network where consumers can easily access in the products sold from retail chain stores, as well as cooperation with associations, activities and activities in every sense. and provides long -term relationships. Balviten, the largest low -protein and gluten -free product manufacturer in Poland, which is the distributor of Turkey, has been in all pharmacies since 1989, Bulk, which has been in all pharmacies, Bulk, Bulk, France, France, France, France. The brand Bjorg, the most innovative product award in the world, is increasing the product pörtföyle with Quinoair- ready-made kinoa powder every day. Since 2016, gluten -free, vegan, hypoallergenic food production under the name of Nustil brand has started. Nustil has signed many gluten -free workshops thanks to the gluten -free kitchen within it, hosting the nutrition and dietary students of universities, and at the same time trained many dietitian internships.


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