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Nefs Design
Nefs Design

Nefs Design is a local female initiative based on sustainable fashion, founded in December 2021. Minimizing the damage caused by the textile sector to nature and human health; The brand, which sets out with the aim of producing high quality, functional and timeless parts; It does not use petroleum products at any stage from clothes to packaging materials and makes sure that all employees who contribute to the process provide and provide services in human standards. In accordance with the sustainability policy, the self, which produces 1 or 2 main collections annually, prefers organic growth by making a limited number of production. The brand does not only sell on social media accounts and its site, but publishes various content in order to spread the awareness of sustainability in our country. During the first year of its establishment, Nefs Design, which has reached a considerable customer base without making any paid partnerships, carefully selects the platforms it cooperate with.


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