Feel your reflection

Yeliz Cengiz, 31, opened her first fashion studio while she was still studying Fashion Design at İzmir University of Economics. She organized her first two fashion shows before her graduation. Since then she continues to organize fashion shows in partnership with İzmir Chamber of Commerce. In 2018, she led a social responsibility project teaming up with Chamber of Architects and Turkish Society of Cancer. The objective was to help increase cancer awareness by focusing on the story of a young girl living with cancer who also was the leading model at the fashion show. The money raised was donated to Turkish Society of Cancer. Yeliz received an award from the society. Yeliz has created 2 brands since her graduation. Yeliz Cengiz Couture, where she focuses more on bespoke designs and bridals. And, her recent brand, where she targets modern day women who prefer unique designs, designs with a message and character, both at home and outside, which are sold only through highest quality channels and are only limited edition.