Missing Piece

All the missing pieces of yout wardrobe you didn't even know you needed. Let's find them all togethe

As Missing Piece, we aim to gather all the key pieces in your closet that you didn’t even know you needed. Inspired by the street culture, our desire is to make you feel comfortable yet stylish at all times. We bring a playful touch to casual pieces and while doing so, we use high-quality material to make sure that your pieces will stay with you throughout the years. All the pieces in our collection are meant to complete each other - and your wardrobe. Our main goal is to take our place in the “seasonless” section of your closet with our fabric quality and timeless style. We are beyond excited to welcome those who are simplistic at heart, yet in a colorful and vibrant state of mind always. Let’s upgrade our comfort zones together, you are invited to the world of Missing Piece