Merve Ciner Art

I am an industrial designer who likes to use glass. After completing my education at Yeditepe University, I continued to design products for various companies. The global pollution surrounding our Earth in recent years, the endangerment of the generations of animals and plants have deeply affected me. As a designer, I wanted to raise awareness in this field, especially since the number of insects, which have the most important share in existence, has almost halved in the last 20 years. Instead of real insects hunted and framed, you can always use my bettle designs as an home object, which are made of glass and have no harm to the nature.
I believe that each insect in nature is a  master piece on it's own. Fascinating colors, forms and textures of the insects are a great source of inspiration of my art. By sustaining real shapes an colors, I pay my tribute to the greatest designer which is Nature. My Beetle collection has been in various exhibitions for the last 2 years and met art lovers. It is still present in my ongoing group exhibitions.