We are two yoga lovers, husband and wife, who care about nature and are in the search of an organic feeling while practicing yoga. We created Margami from our own experiences, with love for you.. Margami is an Istanbul based organic cork yoga accessories company. We produce our own yoga mats, wheels and blocks which are 100% natural and eco-friendly, all designed and made in Istanbul. As Margami, we are well aware that some of the worst things are to slip over on the mat (especially if you have very sweaty hands like us!) and breath in many chemicals from the grippiest but non-organic mats. Yoga means consciousness in every aspect of life including the yoga mat we use, and harmful chemicals should never have place in your practice. Margami's first aim is to provide a non-slip and 100% organic surface.  That is why we only use cork and eco-friendly materials for all Margami products. Finding naturality while providing a superior non-slip performance will make you feel one with nature. Discover Margami now, with one click away…


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