This Weeks Edit | Chic Evenings

Summer evenings with a breeze by the beach came to life! In this combination, we have brought together all the products you may need for Cool and Stylish Evenings in summer. You are ready for stylish beach parties with this look where you can decorate elegant dresses with linen fabric and elegant accessories!

This Weeks Edit | Etesian Winds

Etesian Winds, which takes its name from the breezes in the Aegean, comes to life with the winds blowing in the summer. You can show your style in the heat of summer with this light and lively combination that is well-matched with beach! Come on, discover this combination, ranging from kimonos to bags, and get ready for a wonderful summer in the Aegean!

This Weeks Edit | Free Summer

Based on simple designs for the summer season, our editors have created a combination for you. This combination, which has some nuances from the street-style, offers you a loose and minimal look in summer, while at the same time providing a comfortable wear. With the Free Summer combination chosen by our editors for you, you can meet summer in harmony with the city in the hustle and bustle of the city!

This Weeks Edit | Amber Glow

Bringing together croptop t-shirts, shorts and accessories, which are indispensable for spring and summer seasons, Amber Glow is ideal for a natural look! With this combination, which takes its name from amber stone and its color, you will not compromise on your elegance while being comfortable!

This Weeks Edit | Sea Breeze

The marine style, which is the timeless trend of the summer season, is renewed every year with pieces that come together with a modern interpretation! The must-have colors of this style are, of course, inspired by the sea and the sky: blue, white, beige and orange. Breton patterns are used abundantly in this style. You can add marine-inspired clothes to your wardrobe to keep up with this trend.

This Weeks Edit | Sportive Style

Sports clothes are indispensable for those who are fond of comfort. Especially in combinations with tights and cropped t-shirts, highlighting colors will adapt your style to trends. Don't forget to include accessories that complement the combination!

This Weeks Edit | Party Chic

The suits are on their way to becoming the unchanging style of the fashion trend with their elegance and elegant stance. Take your party chic look to the next level with simple yet prominent details. Whether your next event is at home, by the pool or in a beach setting, our selection of outfits in a variety of colors and styles to suit your taste will make you look flawless from head to toe!

This Weeks Edit | A Colorful Start

Are you ready for a colorful entrance to the beach? You can include the trendy pop colors in your beach wear this summer. Different, colorful and patterned pareos can be indispensable. Complete your style with sunglasses, accessories or a hat, and you're finally ready for that much-deserved vacation!

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