Lumina Candles

As two women entrepreneurs, we established lumina candles in 2020 with the principle of sustainability in order to support the recall and return of local values.
We named our brand 'lumina', inspired by the unit of the light axis, which is the lumens, the amount of light emitted from the source per unit time. During the preparation of our products, we receive support from women in need of work, we have our copper pots made by the talented copper masters of Gaziantep, so we support local tradesmen.
We combine modern and authentic designs in our copper container products, we produce designs that appeal to all tastes, and we take great pleasure and pride in every step of this process.
In addition, we donate a portion of our earnings each month to those in need in various aid campaigns.
Our bees are produced by our beekeeper friends from Muğla, and our candles are produced from 100% soy wax and essential oils. Thus, we design products that are harmless to breathe and environmentally friendly as 'lumina candles'.