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Linoya Artisan
Linoya Artisan

We the women are all starseeds…The stars illuminate with their lights and help us find our direction. While creating Linoya; we dreamed of bringing centuries years old Anatolian traditional and handcrafted Needle Laces to our lives and creating a cycle that would touch the lives of women and shine a light on them. And it did so... Linoya collection is handcrafted, time-defying, and respectful to nature, combining the traditional and the contemporary in their most natural forms.
It brings the perception of resort wear to the next level, accompanying you on your journey from day to night. Each piece of Linoyahas been designed by the dream of combining naturalness and handcraft, which likes to blend cultural materials with trends by adopting sustainable fashion, being self-confident and designed with imagination to share with starseed women. You have now became a part of this dream with the purchase you made from Linoya. And we hope you wear it with pleasure and love…


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