reborn in every piece

A tiny town, a tiny cocoon, a tiny silkworm...This is the beginning of a story knit with peace.
A story of rebirth.
Common manufacturing methods in the fashion industry do not allow the silkworms to complete their
natural life cycle to become butterflies. This is the story about those who go against this harmful process and choose sustainability instead. The story of the kind ones who respect every single soul.
A group of mindful people living in a little town make a peace deal with nature. They wait for the carefully nourished silkworms to complete their life cycle, patiently and peacefully, as it should be. They wait until the silkworm is ready to hatch out of the cocoon, without any interference.
This is the story of the silkworm yearning to be reborn.
The story of peace silk.
A female entrepreneur who supports traditional production methods wants to actualize her designs without harming nature... She reaches countless manufacturers and contacts many weavers. She sticks with her dream despite the pushbacks. And at last, she comes across that little town.
This is the story of a perseverant woman who runs after her dreams.
The story of traditionally and harmlessly produced fabrics made from peace silk turning into hand-made products. The story of Lida.
The story of the ones who respect the silkworm’s right to live, THIS IS YOUR STORY.