Le Monade Dreams

When life gives you lemons make Le Monades

My name is  Defne Camcıoğlu Lamonade dreams brand was founded by me in 2021. My paintings are made up of the emotions that the events in my life reflect on me. The excitements and desires I felt in my life, my colorful and childish personality, gave me the enthusiasm to create colorful, funny pictures. My pictures are completed with frames. Because I hold onto frames to prevent my excitement from overflowing in my life. I also applied this to my paintings. Later, I created patterns from these framed paintings. I turned my pictures into patterns, patterns, into panels. The patterns were reminiscent of a repetition. I noticed that the repetitions fascinated me. The effect my patterns had on me encouraged me to create a new collection. My boards and patterns remind me of the Boa Serpent story in the book The Little Prince. As with this story, there is much more in my collection than the great people see.