Kombucha 2200

Founder of Kombucha 2200, Esra Özcan initially began brewing kombucha for her own personal health. After personally benefiting, she started sharing them with her close circle. In order to share this benefit with more people, they continue to produce these tastes with the care of the first day under the brand Kombucha 2200 with her daughter Dila Ünlü.

Kombucha 2200 is crafted through the fermentation of green tea with natural techniques. It is a fizzy drink from its nature, incorporates a high number of antioxidants within, and is a natural high source of probiotics. Although primarily known for its beneficial effects on bowel health, it further incorporates a variety of health benefits within. 

Kombucha 2200 offers a number of naturally flavoured products, all derived from natural herbs and fruits, which makes it the perfect natural and healthy drink to enjoy. Although if preferred, you may also add it to other refreshments to create diverse flavours tailored to your own preferences.