Koan Ceramics

Burcu Yürek Uğur of KOAN brand produces ceramics with an approach that fully encompasses our sensations and desires her work to be not only functional but also arising feelings in people. The brand takes its name from a practice that places importance on the wisdowm of the body and intuition in the face of us living as if the brain is our only source. This approach is the source of the production process during which mud evolves into various forms. 

Her interpretive works on cultural elements that liaise our understanding of civilization are a different focal point. She tries to handle symbolically expressed statements as cultural values and transferred knowledge. The bowl she crafted in 2019 as an interpretation of “eli belinde” (hands on waist) motif for the value attributed by Anatolian culture to women was awarded first place in decoration category during the competition organized with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and her various works symbolizing Anatolian culture are available in museum stores.

Her productions in tableware and decorative items categories encompass restaurant projects, culturally representative projects, concept based brand cooperations and various stores.