Founder of pharmacist Kwang-Seok Kim's skin care products with her first company, "Pibo Pharmacy", a dermatological pharmacy opened for her studies on the skin, became popular in a short time, and after 20 years of experience and knowledge gained, CHARMZONE COSMETICS was established as a professional skin care company.

Originally derived from the word "Very Good" in Korea, CHARMZONE has become a respected and professional skin care brand with its products with specially patented ingredients. The company, which has 34 years of research and development experience in skin care, has a 19.080 m2 production factory, 762.15 m2 R&D laboratory and 34 patents under its own operation. The TocoVita-C content used in the Charm In Cell series of these patents was awarded the IR52 Jangyoungsil special award by the Korean Ministry of Science.