Kırmızı İp
Kırmızı İp

When I was six years old, my mother pierced my ears with a needle and then crafted two simple earrings from a simple red thread. That’s when our story really began. While searching for an earring for my own daughter, I remembered my red thread earrings and started to think about how much the color red plays in all of our lives. In Turkey, engagement rings are tied to each other during the ceremony with a red ribbon. When the couple marries, we cover the bride’s head with a red veil. Red ribbons are tied in women’s hair to nurture them after giving birth and to their babies’ cribs to protect their children from evil spirits. When we make a wish, we wear woven red bracelets, which are later clipped if our wish comes true. The color red is used the most throughout the history of humanity and carries the most meaning. From Asia to Anatolia, from Africa to Europe, similar meanings have been associated with red on every continent. Their shared denominator is life, luck, abundance, regeneration, power and the red energy that banishes evil. We believe in red’s energy and timelessness and invite you to adorn yourself with it in a very gentle and minimalist way.You’ll feel wonderful wearing our jewelry with a classic dress on a special occasion or as part of your everyday wear in jeans and a t shirt. You”ll feel creative when you enhance your own sense of style by combining flashes of red with different accessories. While this simple and gentle touch of red jewelry weighs little, it carries weight in a way that won’t escape the attention of others.


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