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Founded by Bilge, Sibel and Saime, 3 close friends with different professional backgrounds, KAPKA is the outcome of our shared longing for the packed and colorful dinner tables of our childhood where a diversity of delicacies would be served in enamelware pots and pans.
We have brought together our experience and ideas to recreate the soul of those dinner tables choosing enamelware as the centerpiece. Enamelware was the constant in an otherwise changing table throughout generations - it was in every kitchen, every table, in our past conversations and memories. And it was shared by all.
Kapka was founded to create new joy out of these beautiful old memories and it is to be used in every aspect of life; kitchen, outdoor and beyond. Staying true to the artisan character of enamelware, we create each and every one of our items by hand, using traditional methods. This ensures that every piece of our pots and pans are unique. They are strong and healthy to use.
With our two collections including playful illustrations of proverbs and lively colors we hope to stir your beautiful memories and be a part of the new ones.


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