Kai & Vrosi

Kai’Vrosi is a contemporary Turkish brand that creates stylish handbags and accessories from traditional ‘peshtemal’ woven fabric that is created by craftsmen and women from the Black Sea. The region has long-standing historic relationship with ‘peshtemal’, and these stunning bags combine this colourful cloth with genuine leather and handwoven wicker to create eye-catching, modern designs.
Kai’Vrosi builds on the cultural diversity of the Black Sea region by combining ‘K’ai’ and ‘vrosi’ which both mean ‘good’ in Laz, the language of the people of Ardeşen on the Black Sea, and while ‘k’ai’ is predominantly used in the Arhavi region, ‘vrosi’ is mostly used by the Laz people. The brand is fundamentally built on sustainable practices and preserves the craftsmanship of people whose knowledge has been passed down through generations