Gather & Care

Huali was born as a result of excitement, curiosity, and passion.  We want to be involved in every aspect of your life, while inspiring and making you experience all sorts of beauty and miracles. Our brand’s philosophy is ‘’gather & care’’ ; through the strength we get from our dreams and our bond with life we want to bring together values, people, societies, producers and designers.  Huali Collection is a life- style that includes aspects of being natural, being whole, warmth, color, care and kindness. Behind every collection there are aspects of life, stories and experiences. Our timeless items have a wide variety of uses such as; on elegant tables, at a weekend picnic, a dinner with your loved ones, at the beach or while travelling by car. The feeling of freedom that you will get by using our products will allow you to enjoy every moment and express yourself in any way you want.  Our respect for nature and experience drives us to design our items with multiple functions. We would love for you to share the multiple functions you find while using our products with the hashtag hualiliving . Your contribution is valuable for us.  We design all the items in Huali collections and during the manufacturing process we make sure to work with small businesses such as ourselves. Our mission is to provide support and to grow together.  May the Huali flowers be with you.