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“The excitement of sharing our dreams”
As Hermhaus, transforming our design, art, architectural infrastructure, production knowledge, which we have experienced and learned over the years, into tangible products that will be included in people's lives and places, and will live with them, has turned into a passion and then a need for us. As our aesthetic understanding gains people's appreciation and love, we continue to realize our dreams, and as a social brand, we follow a naturally developing and transforming path. On this path we started with the need to express ourselves, combined with our passion to produce timeless products by connecting the past with the future, taking inspiration from the trends we follow, fashion, art and, learning from every branch of design, we offer an unusual line of products for people's taste with a global perspective. Creating independent products with a strong stance, as well as sincerity and dialogue, and combining this with long-lasting quality products is an experience that makes us feel happy and alive every day. We see it as a new way and a new sense to share with people the bond we have established with our designs, each of which we work diligently, under the name of Hermhaus.

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