Gügü Design by Gülnur
Gügü Design by Gülnur

Whatever Gügü wants to design

Since her university years, Gügü inspired by the stories she experienced, the countries she saw and the people she met.
While studying at university, she made felt raw material, but added Swaroski stones. 
It was obvious that Gügü would design whatever she wanted from those times.

Colors, shadows, lights, briefly everything she saw created a desire to shape and fix it with photographs. For this reason, Gügü, who studied stylist and modeling at Lasalle Academy after university, later studied fashion photography at IMA (Istanbul Fashion Academy). Gügü could shape everything she saw, according to her soul.

Years passed, Gügü fell in love, had 2 children and started to walk on a brand new path in her life. This road, which she had not walked before, gave her a completely different design language.

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