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Furu Semu is an independent lifestyle brand that draws inspiration from Anatolia, the land of sun and history, in the aspects of bringing the allure of the East and the style of the West together. The brand invites you to participate in the spiritual journey of Anatolian cultures and reinterpreting the concept of time. Furu-Semu by definition means sun goddess in ancient local langauge of Anatolia. 
Both modern and primitive worlds influence the shapes, patterns, colors and textures of the timeless pieces; deconstructing the rules by respecting singularity of the garments that move through seasons and beyond.
Furu-Semu reminds the ancient relationship between humans and the nature. The use of natural materials and slow production techniques are the essentials for the brand in terms of sustainability.
It is established by Ecem Bedir in 2020, a self-taught multidisciplinary artist and designer currently working on ceramic objects as her primary medium. All pieces are handbuilt in Furu-Semu studio in Marmaris, Turkey.
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