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Meet Flainer! Flainer was established in Turkey as a brand dedicated to all women who desire, achieve, love and reflect their light. We aim to crown women by offering the best fabric with the best production quality, and to empower and employ women at every stage from the supply chain to the shelves. As a brand, we are on a sustainability journey. Our philosophy is to focus on a more ethical way of working and to create capsule collections of pieces that you will act against fast fashion and keep with love forever. That’s why we’re committed to creating durable, versatile, quality clothing that can be worn from season to season. We recycle or donate our textile scraps and samples. Our goal is zero waste. Our brand also makes a conscious effort on animal welfare. Under no circumstances will we use leather, feathers, wool, silk, alpaca suede, angora, pashmina, cashmere, mohair. We try to make all of our products vegan. It is lovingly designed so that anyone who wears Flainer clothing can feel great in it. We are delighted to see how powerfully the women who wear our designs shine in their Flainer outfits.


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